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About Dr. Serrato

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daVinci Surgery

da Vinci Surgery

Overcomes limitations of both traditional and minimally invasive surgery. learn more

 Please do not neglect your health care needs due to fear of COVID -19!  If you need to be seen for a gynecological problem, please know that I am here for you!  

Telehealth VISITS are also available.  Request by calling 650 239-5303 or  click "Request Appointment" above. I have a secure HIPAA compliant platform that allows me discuss your health matters privately. 
If you need an in person visit, please know we are using CDC guidelines of distancing patients and disinfecting. We are also wearing masks for all staff and patients. I do not see COVID patients here nor those with any respiratory symptoms. Your safety is of the utmost concern to me. If you need to be seen in person, I am open and the office is SAFE.
Please call the office or click "Request Appointment" above.

Dr Claire Serrato MD, 650-239-5303, offers a full range of OBGYN services with emphasis on:

    • Evaluating and treating fibroids, pelvic pain, abnormal pap smears, ovarian cysts and endometriosis
    • Robotic and traditional laparoscopic surgery. These minimally invasive procedures minimize risks to a woman and often result in less pain, faster recovery, and a quicker return to full activity when compared to open surgery. Contained tissue extraction is used to decrease size of incisions for safe removal and faster recovery compared to "Minilap" : Link to technique
    • Patient-centered care. Dr Serrato believes women should understand their condition and options for treatment, surgical and non-surgical, so they maintain control of their health. This includes choosing cosmetic options, when appropriate for the existing condition.
    • Diagnostic ultrasounds conducted in the Burlingame office for the convenience of her patients.

With over 20 years experience as well as her dedication to continuously updating her surgical and diagnostic skills, Claire Serrato's numerous 5-star reviews indicate her obstetrics & gynecology patients appreciate the care and skills she offers:

Patient C: “...We subsequently did some watchful waiting, and ultimately decided on a hysterectomy. My recovery was so rapid that I and everyone around me was surprised. ...” *

Patient Z “...I opted for a robotic-assisted hysterectomy with Dr. Serrato and she was always available via e-mail and phone for the questions I had prior to the surgery. The surgery was successful ..." *

*Read more Yelp Reviews  

She personally takes her patients calls and sees her patients if they need hospitalization. Her caring attitude as well as technical expertise makes her the optimal choice for any gynecological patient. 


Dr Serrato is uniquely qualified to provide an individualized care plan to suit your needs. She has performed many thousands of minimally invasive surgeries over her 20+ years as a physician.  She recently passed the 600th robotic-surgery milestone in her 8+ years using the da Vinci surgical system.

Dr Serrato, OBGYN, Serving San Mateo County

A board-certified, award winning gynecologist, her practice is noted for providing excellence in ultrasound and in all types of minimally invasive surgeries for fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, pelvic masses, abnormal papsmears, polyps, infertility, pelvic pain or tubal problems. She is available for second opinion consultation. She has completed master's training in robotic surgery and Single Site Surgery. She is a leader in the gynecological profession and serves on Clinical Faculty at University of San Francisco.



Dr Serrato continues to accept most PPO plans. She also accepts most of the HMOs in the area, Mills-Peninsula Division, Sequoia and Brown and Toland. She also offers reasonable cash prices for under-insured or uninsured patients for office visits or gynecological procedures.

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SINGLE-SITE SURGERY (one small incision) 

 You may be a candidate to have surgery done through a one-inch            incision due to her training and expertise. Dr Serrato is the ONLY     gynecologist on the peninsula to offer this technique. "Single Site" means only ONE tiny incision about one inch long! This is a great cosmetic advantage.

 To Learn How Single-Site Robotic-Assisted Surgery Works, watch the video:




Watch full-screen by clicking here.


SRC badge Certifying Master Surgeon

Dr. Serrato was the first surgeon to earn this Surgeon of Excellence for Robotic Surgery in California!  

She previously held a certification as a "Surgeon of Excellence in Robotic Surgery" and  "Surgeon of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Surgery "

from 2016-2019 when she chose to take more time for her patients versus the time, paperwork and energy of renewing these certifications .


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Dr Serrato provides personalized, individualized gynecological services in her office in Burlingame: 

  •       --    1820 Ogden Dr #200, Burlingame, CA 94010 map
  • About the Office Location:
  •       --     FREE parking at the rear of the building

      --    Off Trousdale Drive



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For urgent  surgical consults or second opinions, Please click "Request Appointment" above or email her at (PLEASE NOTE that this email is not for private health information)








Her practice provides convenient access for women on the San Francisco Peninsula. She has privileges at:

    •         Mills-Peninsula in Burlingame,
    •         Sequoia in Redwood City 
    •         Campus Surgery Center in Daly City
    •         California Pacific Medical Center